What is the Natura Award?

The Natura Award is an acknowledgement and a sign of admiration towards all those projects and people who work day after day in order to create a positive impact somewhere in our world. We have been supporting more than 70 projects since 1994.

Valuation Criteria

Enviroment Social

Discover ways to improve the world!

Premio Natura collaborates with humanitarian aid or nature protection projects. If you need more information, please contact us through our form.

Recover Foundation

Reduction of child and maternal mortality in Sangmelima (South of Cameroon).

Fundación Ami (International Medical Assistancy)

Mesa de Sao Lazaro project: a global project aimed at refurbishing a children's shelter in Mozambique, providing them with healthcare and medical aid.


Drinking water supply project through the construction of a manual well as an essential element of local development in Andhra Pradesh, India

Associació catalana d'ajuda al Sahel

Construction of a well equipped with a hand pump and watering place for cattle, Dogon Country (Mali)